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Your profile should be a reflection of you, should be shareable and easily readable. We have designed a profile for the modern world and we have taken it a notch higher by using the blockchain. Every piece of a claim made by you can be verified and once verified, the information becomes immutable and hence your profile will be in it's truest form.

A skills first profile

List your skills and have your network edorse you. Endorsements from your network are weighted and hence accuratly reflect your skill level.

No nonsense profile page

Showcase only what you want to show. From crypto investments to advisory positions to freelance projects and to blockchain verified work experiences and education.

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Verified professional profile

SpringRole is powered by the blockchain and what this means is your profile will be verified and attested for every claim you make.  Rest assured, this will be 'the' only resume you will ever need to share with employers.

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"SpringRole builds a better way for companies to recruit, eliminates fraud from professional reputation, and gives real value to online endorsements."

Mike Jones

Mike Jones, Co-founder & CEO, Science Inc.

"Before blockchain, it was challenging for freelancers in complicated fields to prove their value and skills. SpringRole makes verifying those skills easy."

Fred Krueger

Founder & CEO, WorkCoin

"SpringRole is taking an important and risk-managed approach to solving a massive problem in the HR industry globally."

Scott Walker

Co-founder, DNA

Why should you create a SpringRole profile?

Because there is too much noise and irrelevant and intrusive messages in your existing professional profile 

Peter McCormack summarized beautifully how Linkedin has become pointless