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5 out of 10 ICOs have fake advisors listed. 

7 out of 10 ICO investors trust a project because of advisors.

Promoting trust online is a need of the hour!

It is a common practice in today’s #fakeinformation world where startups (ICO companies) use your name and professional profile for their benefit. This problem exists the other way too, a lot of advisors who are just starting up use names of companies without their consent while they try to get new gigs. At the core, the problem is user-generated content which is not validated. 

Thankfully, there is a solution to stop this practice. 

SpringRole has developed a blockchain powered protocol for professional attestations. Using SpringRole, advisors and startups or companies can validate each other’s claims. When an advisor claims that he or she is an advisor for a company, this claim can be verified and attested by someone in the company. Similarly, when a company claims that a person is an advisor to them, the claim can be verified and attested by the advisor. Once done, the record is officially written onto the blockchain. The claimed advisor and the claimed company will receive SpringRole verified seal of trust!

With SpringRole, you can protect online professional identity and promote trust

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